Children's Cardiology of the Bay Area
"Specializing in the care of Children with Congenital Heart Disease"

Michael L. Griffin M.D.

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Our Process

All initial consultations begin with an electrocardiogram. Your child will be weighed and measured. Our physicians will take a birth, health and family history followed by a physical examination. Echocardiogram will be performed in most cases to detect structural abnormalities of the heart. All tests are noninvasive and pain free.   We encourage you to ask questions and come prepared with as many questions you would like to ask. You are welcome to call us at any time after the visit if you have additional questions or concerns. It is important to us that you fully understand your child’s diagnosis and instructions for care and follow up.

Follow Up Visits

Our physicians may recommend a follow up visit for your child. Even though you may feel your child is doing well or has recovered; follow up for specific health problems is a good standard of care and insures your child’s wellbeing. Follow up visits generally last thirty minutes and include an electrocardiogram which will be compared with the initial study.